The Infrastructure

Currently, Hoa Binh is invested in infrastructure - modern equipment in environmental fields:

Factory system

  • The station system of Hoa Binh Hi-tech Environment Joint Stock Company is spread across the provinces of Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen, Ha Nam, Hung Yen with more than 15,000m2 for transshipment, storage and treatment of common industrial and hazardous waste.
  • The system of tanks, packaging .... to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the law as well as meeting the requirements of customers on the collection and storage of waste is equipped with synchronous by the Company with the best quality.
Factory system

Monitoring system:

  • Hoa Binh High-tech Environment Joint Stock Company has equipped two electronic weighing systems, 80 tons each, serving the inspection and supervision of goods transported to the factory.
  • In addition, the security camera system, GPS is updated with the latest technology for monitoring and supervising the waste treatment operation in accordance with current regulations.
Monitoring system:

Transport means and equipment:

Hoa Binh High-Tech Environment Joint Stock Company has equipped more than 100 vehicles - aiming for transporting hazardous waste, divided into the following main groups:

  • Group of open-box trucks covered with tarpaulin
  • Group of tractors
  • Group of Hooklift
  • Group of tank trucks (Xi-tec)
  • Group of vehicles for insulation and freezing
  • Group of trailers
Transport means and equipment:

Waste treatment system/equipment:

  • Wastewater treatment system with capacity (300 m3/day-night)
  • Stabilization-solidifying system capacity (1,050 kg/h)
  • Waste fluorescent lamp disposal system (40 kg/h)
  • Cask, Pack, Washing and Rinsing system  with capacity (375 kg/h)
  • Plastic and metal washing system (Contains hazardous ingredients) capacity (500 kg/hour)
  • Waste fluorescent lamp treatment and recycling system, capacity (40 kg/h)
  • Battery treatment and recycling system, capacity (520 kg/h)
  • Waste oil recycling system capacity (800 kg/h)
  • Solvent recycling system with capacity 500 kg/hour
  • Medical waste storage
  • Electronic waste treament system with capacity 200 kg/hour
  • Precious metal recovery system from sewage sludge, waste solution and electronic components with capacity 1,000 kg/h; Depositing tank, volume 500 m3/tank (2 tanks)
Waste treatment system/equipment:

Incinerators system

HoaBinh High-Tech Environment JSC has been equipped with 3 incinerators, with total capacity of 10 tons per hour. By applying morden, up-to-date technologies of the field, the incinerator system has been built to take-part into the circular economy model, of which, the heat from the incinerator is recovered to participate to other producing processes.


Incinerators system


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Issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Hoa Binh province on January 22, 2016
– Address: Dong Phu Village, Dong Tam Commune, Lac Thuy District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam
– Representative office: Barotex Office. TanQuang Industrial Zone, Van Lam, Hung Yen, Vietnam
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